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Why Aluminum Windows Are Better Than Vinyl Windows


Windows are something every house or business has, so having the right kind of replacement window is vital. If you are shopping for replacement windows, then you are likely faced with many choices; which ones are the best and which ones are the least expensive? These are some of the things people ask when they are getting ready to purchase replacement windows for their home.

Here are just a few of the reasons why aluminum replacement windows are better than vinyl:

Design: Aluminum windows have a thinner frame than vinyl windows, thus have better aesthetics. Plus, you can get them made in larger sizes than you can vinyl windows, and aluminum can be molded into different shapes if desired.

Durability: Aluminum windows are resistant to scratches, won’t crack and can’t be marred as easily as vinyl. They also resist moisture quite well, which means it’s less likely they will leak during storms.

Colors: It’s possible to paint aluminum windows any color you like and get an exact match to the color of your house so it will blend in, while this isn’t possible when painting a vinyl window frame.

Strength: When it comes to aluminum windows, aluminum is a much stronger material than vinyl, so it lasts longer. They are also lighter weight, and that means they won’t weight down the material outside the frame and window.

Noise: Aluminum windows are less noisy than vinyl windows. This means you are less likely to hear your neighbors or other loud noises outside your home.

Recyclable: Plus, in this age of everyone trying to go green in their lives, it’s notable that aluminum is much easier to recycle than vinyl.

Price / Cost: Aluminum window are not cheap, but they make up for this in their durability. Their cost normally falls somewhere in the middle range, as they are cheaper than wooden windows, but cost as much as expensive versions of vinyl windows.

Great for mild climate areas: If you live in a cold region, aluminum windows may not be for you, but if you live in an area of milder temperatures, they are usually a better choice.

The bottom line is that if you are considering getting replacement windows; look into the possible choice of aluminum windows for your home. They are cost efficient, more ethically pleasing, more durable, and last longer with less required maintenance than vinyl replacement windows.

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